Maggie Gunzel, artist

Illustrative Art

Maggie Gunzel has her own style which can best be posted under Illustrative art.


She is fascinated by old folktales, myths and legends, among other from the Celtic culture. She paints figurative and mostly with oil paint. The scenes appear fairylike and let you imagine yourself being in a different world. Children as well as adults are charmed by her work. With every painting your fantasy makes a story.


With pleasure Maggie illustrates Dutch and English books.


Another expression of Illustrative Art is her murals. In a staircase for instance you can imagine yourself being at the beach. You can almost hear the sound of the sea and the seagulls.


It is clear Maggie lives close to nature, because animals and plants hold an important place in her work, next to people and fantasy creatures. On request she makes fossil patterns. Your bathroom gets a stylish appearance with a true to nature mural of marble, less heavy and less expensive than the real stone. Other stones and designs from preceding ages are also possible.


Maggie likes to carry her knowledge over to her students in lessons where their possibilities are central. As with her murals, it is important what the other person wants and likes. She stimulates and facilitates the process and gives in her own modest way directions. That makes you feel free to experiment and develop yourself.


Due to her graphic past, she can also 'illustrate' websites in many divers styles and make it special. Maggie makes computer compositions with the text which will enhance the site, see and